Alternative Fuels Response Consideration (AFRC)

Excellent class! The Instructor, props and the flow of the class was well suited for my needs as an officer. Thank you
— Lloyd Mueller, Captain LFR

Millions of alternative fuel vehicles including: hydrogen fuel cell; CNG; ethanol; hybrid-electric; electric; biodiesel and even dangerous illicit home-built CNG vehicles are on our roads today. Clandestine biodiesel labs are operating in your neighborhoods, garages, and backyards using toxins, corrosives, and flammables.  This course immerses the participant in nearly all of the alternative fuels we encounter daily and provides the awareness, strategy, and tactics that we need to manage, respond, and keep our responders and communities safe.

Relevant Topics

  • Strategy and tactics for spills and fires
  • Physical and chemical properties
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Storage and transportation
  • Manufacturing and development
  • Historical and future concerns
  • Full-day courses available
  • Health related concerns
  • Case studies