On this day in 1913

On this day in 1913, a coal mine exploded in Dawson, New Mexico killing more than 250 workers. At exactly 3 p.m., an expulsion ripped through the Stag Canyon Fuel Company's number-two mine. Like many early mining disasters, a pocket of methane gas had been ignited by a miner's lamp. Thousands of early miners died around the world in similar disasters before battery-powered lamps helped to reduced the number of methane-gas explosions. 

This disaster, and others like it, show us how far we've come in safety but remind us the need to continually improve and evolve. More than 80% of companies will experience a disaster in their lifetime. We are committed to work with you to help reduce preventable disasters and prepare for those that aren’t. Blue Rock One provides expertise in all aspects of disaster, safety and hazardous material planning and management.  

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