Where will your most valued asset go in an emergency?


Your unique environment requires a customized accountability solution


With BRASS and Bluetooth capabilities, this Smart Solar Evacuation Assembly Point will incorporate your roster and aid in the accountability of each person. Understand the importance of protecting your biggest asset. People. 

Patent Pending

Patent Pending


• Mining Operations
• Oil and Gas
• Exploration
• 24/7 Operations
• Where Portability is Key
• Short-Term Areas
• Areas Prone to Outages or no Power
• Rapidly Shifting Geography
• Concentrations of People


• Withstand High Winds
• Withstand Extreme Temperatures
• Visible Over Larger Vehicles
• Customized Based on your Project Needs


  1. BRASS Database with Bluetooth
  2. Evacuation Plan Review
  3. Solar Panel Controller
  4. Battery
  5. Reflective ISO Complaint Signage
  6. Flashing Beacon
  7. High Strength Steel Stand
  8. Forklift Compatible Base
  9. Setup, Delivery and Installation
  10. 5-Year Warranty