Distracted Driving Awareness Month - April 2017

Distracted driving accounts for nine deaths every day nationally — deaths that are completely preventable simply by keeping your eyes on the road, your hands on the wheel and your mind on driving.

More than 600 people died on Colorado’s roadways last year, according to statistics gathered by state transportation officials.  380 were drivers or passengers in cars, sport utility vehicles and trucks; Motorcyclists accounted for another 125 of those deaths.

In 2015, 547 people died on the state’s roadways. The last time the fatality count was so high was in 2005, when 606 people were killed.

Below are tips to help curtail distractions before they happen:

• Do not use your cell phone while driving

• Let calls go to voicemail or let a passenger talk for you

• Select music before you start driving

• Refrain from eating, drinking and smoking

• Make sure your passengers and pets are properly restrained

• Know your route

• Manage passenger conversations