• Wildfires start small and can grow rapidly given the right combination of weather and fuel. 
  • There are three different kinds of wildfires. A ground fire bums on or below ground, moving slowly and burning for a long time. A surface fire burns along the ground. This type of fire may move rapidly in grassy areas. Crown fires move from tree to tree and embers may land a mile or more in front of the main fire, igniting spot fires. This type of fire can be expected in the forests of Douglas County. 
  • More than four out of every five forest fires are started by people. Negligent human behavior, such as smoking in forested areas or improperly extinguishing campfires, is the cause of many fires. The other cause of forest fires is lightning.

Community Wildfire Protection plan 

The Douglas County Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP} is the result of a broad scale countywide collaborative planning effort that identifies strategies for the protection of life, property and critical infrastructure in the Wildland Urban Interface. 

Hayman Fire: June 8 - 18, 2002

Hayman Fire: June 8 - 18, 2002

Actions to consider during a wildfire 

  • If time allows, close windows, vents, doors and blinds or noncombustible window coverings. Shut off the gas at the meter or turn off the propane at the tank. Open the fireplace damper and close the fireplace screen. Bring any patio furniture inside. 
  • If you are concerned about a wildfire in your area, leave and go to a safe place out of the area. Do not wait to be told by local officials to evacuate. Tune in to local radio and television sources for more information. 
  • Back your car into the garage or park it in an open space facing the direction of escape. Shut the doors and windows. leave the key in the ignition. Close the garage windows and doors, but leave them unlocked. 
  • If power is lost, automatic garage door openers will not function. To manually open the garage door, pull on the red emergency cord and lift the door by hand. 
  • Confine pets to one room. Make plans to care for your pets m case you must evacuate. 
  • If you are trapped in a wildfire, stay calm. Do not drive a vehicle through the fire; the heat and smoke will disorient you and may cause you to crash. Stay indoors, away from flammable materials, moving side to side to find the coolest area. Keep your body, including your head, neck and hands, covered with natural materials such as cotton or wool and drink plenty of water.